Monday, 17 March 2014

Task 3 requirements

Task 3 as in the scenario........

'As with any new system, the Urban Mobile network will need to be tested to ensure that it works correctly. 

It would be very helpful for the staff to have a handy guide to learn how simple faults can be identified and corrected e.g. the tablet computers will not connect to the wireless network, the office computer cannot connect to the internet or the printer is not connected to the office computer.

Evidence that you need to produce for this task is:

·                a troubleshooting guide for the proposed Urban Mobile network.

You should demonstrate your ability to draw upon relevant skills/knowledge/understanding from other units you have studied. '  By this I think they mean producing a professional, clear guide using appropriate software, plus the 

You need to choose an appropriate application to produce a trouble-shooting guide for the staff working in the store.  Assume they are not computer experts - you will need to target your language, explanation and screenshots accordingly.

Examples of problems encountered could be:
  • tablets not connecting to the WiFi
  • office desktop not connecting to the internet
  • office desktop or EPoS not connecting to the printer
  • EPoS not connecting to the WiFi 
  • printer not connecting to WiFi
  • printer not printing
  • tablets freezing
  • not able to hear sounds through headphones
  • anything else you can think of!

You may need to use a smartphone or tablet at home for screenshots showing how to find WiFi and connect and either upload the screenshots to Google Drive or email them to yourself to put them into your trouble-shooting guide in the lesson.  Check out the internet first, though, as there maybe other trouble-shooting guides available with screenshots you can use which maybe easier

Don't forget to spell-check before handing your work in, please!

Friday, 7 March 2014

Task 2 requirements

Finally, a new post on this blog!!

OK.  What do you need to write for your Task 2?  Here's a list.......

1.  Source a business broadband package.  

  • Check whether it comes with a router/hub - if not you will need to source one like you did with the tablets, printer, etc and include cost. If it comes with one, state so.
  • See if you can find reviews for the broadband package
  • The shop will rely on wireless internet and intranet so is there good customer support?
  • Finally give reasons for your choice quoting all of the above, plus what the shop needs it for
2.  Decide on the network topology for the shop.  
  • Consider disadvantages and advantages of the different topologies and give reasons for choice.
  • Draw a layout diagram of your network - include Cloud (if being used), WAP/router/hub, tablets (just 1 drawing of this with numbers of tablets), desktop, EPoS and printer.
  • If wirelessly connected, give reasons why.
  • Consider WiFi Protected Access (WPA) for security of network, choose a version, give reasons for choice and why it's needed.
3.  The intranet pages will need to be updated and maintained by an administrator.  
  • Consider security of this so customers cannot access it
  • Explain how this could be achieved and why it's needed (what needs to be kept private)
  • Is there a Law you need to consider/abide by relating to customer details?  If so, state what and what the company has to do 
4.  IP addresses - each device needs one
  • Explain what IP address is and why each device needs one.
  • Research what DHCP is related to this and how this can be used for this purpose.
  • Explain this in your work.
5.  Stock database
  • What should happen to stock level when a phone is bought through the EPoS?
  • Why does this need to happen?
  • Use of LAN for this and between desktop
6.  Stream ads to customer's phone
  • How?  Bluetooth?  Phone spec details from tablet to customer phone?
7.  Use of WAN
  • Explain what this would be
  • Company head office?
  • Emails?
  • Internet?
  • Give possible uses of all of the above by the shop

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Specimen exam paper & mark scheme for R001

Hi Folks

Here is the link to the specimen exam paper R001 on Google Drive

Hardware & Software homework!

Hi Folks

Here is the link to your homework sheet.  Please download to your computer, answer the questions and then either email me the completed doc or upload to Google and share it with me.

I have also emailed you the shared doc as well.

Deadline = Wed 30th Jan!             

See me if you have any probs with this - BEFORE the deadline is due, please!!

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Useful website for theory/info

Hi Folks

Megan found this great website. Check it out for succinct theory & info about computers.

Use it to help you create your own dictionary/glossary of definitions

Hope you find it useful!

Ms W :-)

Friday, 18 January 2013

Unit R001 Scheme of Work

Hi Folks

I've emailed you the link to this doc on Google Drive but here it is as well!

You'll be able to use the links for homework &/or revision during the course

Ms W  :-)

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Copyright Info

Here are some links where you can find info on Copyright Laws:

Read them through and write, in your own words, how the Law could affect you. Put it into your Sources table doc

Ms W :-)