Friday, 7 March 2014

Task 2 requirements

Finally, a new post on this blog!!

OK.  What do you need to write for your Task 2?  Here's a list.......

1.  Source a business broadband package.  

  • Check whether it comes with a router/hub - if not you will need to source one like you did with the tablets, printer, etc and include cost. If it comes with one, state so.
  • See if you can find reviews for the broadband package
  • The shop will rely on wireless internet and intranet so is there good customer support?
  • Finally give reasons for your choice quoting all of the above, plus what the shop needs it for
2.  Decide on the network topology for the shop.  
  • Consider disadvantages and advantages of the different topologies and give reasons for choice.
  • Draw a layout diagram of your network - include Cloud (if being used), WAP/router/hub, tablets (just 1 drawing of this with numbers of tablets), desktop, EPoS and printer.
  • If wirelessly connected, give reasons why.
  • Consider WiFi Protected Access (WPA) for security of network, choose a version, give reasons for choice and why it's needed.
3.  The intranet pages will need to be updated and maintained by an administrator.  
  • Consider security of this so customers cannot access it
  • Explain how this could be achieved and why it's needed (what needs to be kept private)
  • Is there a Law you need to consider/abide by relating to customer details?  If so, state what and what the company has to do 
4.  IP addresses - each device needs one
  • Explain what IP address is and why each device needs one.
  • Research what DHCP is related to this and how this can be used for this purpose.
  • Explain this in your work.
5.  Stock database
  • What should happen to stock level when a phone is bought through the EPoS?
  • Why does this need to happen?
  • Use of LAN for this and between desktop
6.  Stream ads to customer's phone
  • How?  Bluetooth?  Phone spec details from tablet to customer phone?
7.  Use of WAN
  • Explain what this would be
  • Company head office?
  • Emails?
  • Internet?
  • Give possible uses of all of the above by the shop

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